Welcome to the Darlington Ridge Condominium Association Website

Darlington Ridge condominium association is nestled in the heart of Mahwah Township located in Historic Bergen County, New Jersey on 16 acres of land and set in a quiet and serene environment. The association’s recreational amenities include two tennis courts, pickleball court, a heated swimming pool, and a playground for our younger residents, as well as a clubhouse intended for the sole use of the community’s residents and their guests.



Welcome Owners:

We’re All here for the same reason – to be sure our property stays well managed, maintained and financed properly.
Site Summary Overview:   Darlington Ridge Site Summary
Important for DR residents:   The Parking Resolution has been updated as of April 2021
For Your Awareness:    The Darlington Ridge Board of Trustees now has an email address, drcaboard@gmail.com.  Please note that our Community Manager, Linda Courain, linda.courain@cp-management.com, is still your 1st point of contact for any concerns or helpful suggestions.

Summer News:

The pool hours are:

Monday through Thursday 11 am to 7 pm

Friday through Sunday 10 am to 8 pm


  • ** Reminder – 2022 Recycling Rules & News  

See:  2022 Recycling 

See the “News to Share” tab to read prior “The Ridge” Newsletters & News Blasts for information about community happenings, vendors, pets, parking and more! 

Notice of Insurance

The Certificate of Insurance can be requested by calling EOI Direct at 877-456-3643 and/or www.eoidirect.com.

Board Meetings

The next meeting on August 1, 2022, will have an open session for homeowners to attend.  

The 2022 calendar has been added for your awareness.  The Open Sessions are informative and provide a forum to meet the Board Members you elected.  Community Forums allow for questions and answers and Homeowners are encouraged to attend.

Some meetings may be moved with respect to vacation and holiday schedules.   See Calendar tab