All areas of Darlington Ridge Condominium Association can be divided into 3 categories, Individual Unit, Common Elements and Limited Common Elements.

The association’s governing documents defines any item that services a specific unit as part of the “Individual Unit”.  Some of these items include hot water heaters, air conditioning units, skylights, chimneys, and all plumbing fixtures.  As such the maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Common Elements are for the use of all residents and each homeowner shares an undivided interest in the common elements.  Common Elements include items such as the turf areas, roadways, parking areas, sidewalks and all recreational facilities.  The Common Elements of the association are the association’s responsibility to maintain.

Limited Common Elements are Common Elements within the community designed for the sole use by a particular unit.  Driveways, patios, decks, sliding glass doors, screens and screen doors are some examples of Limited Common Elements.  Some of the Limited Common Elements are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair and maintain, while others are the association’s responsibility.  The association governs the appearance and use of all Limited Common Elements.