1. One (1) antenna per home designed to receive direct broadcast satellite service, including direct to home satellite services, that are one (1) meter in diameter or smaller.
  2. Antennas designed to receive video programming services via multipoint distribution services, including multichannel, multipoint distribution services, instructional television, fixed services and local multipoint distribution services providing that all such antennas must be no larger than one (1) meter; and
  3. Installation of the said equipment must be on limited common elements areas utilized exclusively by the homeowner such as patio and deck areas. The said equipment must be freestanding and cannot extend into common airspace. In addition, all wires relative to the installation of the said equipment must not be attached to the building nor may penetrate a building wall, trim or other structure.
  4. Owners are responsible for all repairs and/or maintenance of dishes and attached building areas.
  5. In order to erect such an antenna, homeowners must provide a modification request form to the Board of Trustees through the management company regarding approvals as to constructed items and seek an approval of the same which shall be promptly processed; and
  6. Homeowners must provide an appropriate Certificate of Insurance to the Association from any hired contractor before any work shall begin; and
  7. The homeowner must sign an indemnification agreement for the Association for any personal injury or property damage occurring to Association residents and personnel, common property or other residents property; and
  8. This Resolution is retroactive and applies to all units regardless of date of installation. All homeowners with pre-existing antennae shall be required to comply with the instant Resolution within fourteen (14) days of the date of receipt.