When any group of people, no matter what size, share property, rules must be set down for its use.  These rules and their enforcement are essential to preserve property values in the community.

When the developer initially planned the community, a set of legal documents were prepared which establish the community association, govern its operation, and provide rules for use of all units within the community.  These legal documents are contained in your public offering statement and consist of the following:

Articles of Incorporation:  Establish the association and its purpose, structure and powers.

By-Laws:  Establish rules for the operation of the association through the officers, Board of Trustees, committees and membership meetings.

Master Deed and Protective Covenants:  Detail each owner’s property rights and the restrictions on use of the property, as well as the rights and obligations in the community association.  The regulations are set up to protect property values and maintain the appearance and integrity of the community.  From the time you take title to your new home, you are legally bound to them.