The Board of Trustees is responsible for the property, affairs and business of the association and possesses those powers outlined in the Certificate of Incorporation, the master deed and the by-laws, all contained in your public offering statement.

The Board of Trustees consists of 7 positions. They are elected for 3 year terms.  Terms are on a staggered schedule.  Board positions are elected by the Board of Trustees each year.

Position Name
President Janis Schwartz
Vice-President Carrie Longson
Treasurer George Westcott
Secretary Linda Dominick
Trustee Jamie England
Trustee Robin Ginsberg
Trustee Elissa Kingsley

Holding a position on the Board is not for every homeowner, although every homeowner is involved in the association in some manner.  Involvement for you may mean that you pay your common charges on time, cooperate with the association, and participate where you will be most effective, even if you only vote at the annual election meeting.  You may also take a more active role by serving on a committee — both you and the association will benefit.