**Important Resident Information, January 2018

As the cold winter weather continues to sock Northern NJ, many Residents are noticing icicles and ice blockages, or dams, on their roof, gutters or patios.  Here’s how it happens:  during the day snow and ice melt and run towards the gutters. At night that water freezes and solidifies in the gutters.  Due to the temperature swings, there will be snow melting and refreezing on the grounds as well as icicles on the roofline and gutters.

Please be aware of your surroundings, use extreme care when walking on the property and entering and leaving your home.

Horticultural Services has been working very diligently this winter to keep the community clean of snow and ice.  In order to do this efficiently, they need your help as homeowners.  While you may be willing to shovel your own spot out and choose not to move your vehicle within 30 minutes of hearing the horn honked, you are hindering the car next to you from being shoveled out. The contractor needs a minimum of two spots on either side of you open to shovel one out. Also, avoid parking in the end parking spaces; they are needed for snow removal.

Additionally, by moving your vehicle too early onto a street which has not yet been cleaned, you are changing the protocol that has been established to best clean the area quickly and effectively.

If you park your vehicle away from your building it is still your responsibility to move your car during snow removal. Residents who do not move their vehicles will be fined. Please see the attached resolution.


Maintenance Fees

Maintenance Fees increased from $315 to $324 starting January 2018. If you mail your checks via online banking please increase the maintenance payment to reflect the change.

Snow and Ice

We are reminding residents to be extremely cautious when walking on the property and in and out of their homes.  The icicles above doorways are dripping during the day and the water is freezing over the steps and landings. There is nothing we can do about the water coming over the gutters and off of the roof lines.

Buckets of Ice Melt 

If you need a bucket of ice melt, or if your bucket is empty, please call the office during business hours.  If the office is closed, you can pick up a bucket or additional ice melt at the clubhouse.


Management continues to receive complaints regarding improper parking. Please see the attached Resolution regarding parking

As you are aware, it is a violation of the Association’s governing documents to park in any numbered space other than your own.

The Association does not offer vehicle storage.  If you are going to park your vehicle for longer than 72 hours, you may park it in your numbered space.  Unmarked parking spaces are available on a first come basis; they are not to be used for vehicle storage.

Home Owners must park on the street that matches their home address.  For example, if your address is 1225 Mulberry Drive, you must park on Mulberry Drive.

Please utilize your assigned parking space before parking in an unnumbered space. If there are no parking spaces by your building, park in an area that has additional spaces leaving open spaces in front of other buildings for residents who reside there.


Please PICK UP after your pet.

  • Dispose of the waste inside the garbage dumpster, do not leave it on the ground or on top of the dumpster. Please DO NOT THROW it into the storm drains.
  • If you see someone not picking up, report them to the Office or the Township of Mahwah Board of Health.

Entrance Steps

All entrance steps are to be free and clear of items. The landscapers will not be responsible for items left outside. This includes but is not limited to flower pots, decorative stands, chairs, etc.

It against the Associations Rules and Regulations to store items such as strollers/chairs/toys etc. on or about common areas/and or limited common areas, this includes but is not limited to, driveways, Town home entrance stairs, landings and under condominium stairs.

Holiday Decorations

All Holiday decorations are to be removed no later than Saturday January 13th.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are to be discarded outside the recycling center to the left of the structure for Township pickup.

Corrals and Garbage

The garbage service is scheduled and provided by the Township of Mahwah. If a corral is not serviced, please call the Management office with the location. I will call the Township DPW and report the missed corral.

Recycling and Recycling Center

All recycling is to be placed at the recycling center.

  • Newspapers and magazines are to be tied separately.
  • Cardboard is to be broken down and tied.

o   If you have a small box, break it down and leave it inside of a larger box.

  • Recyclable aluminum, plastic and glass containers are to be rinsed and disposed of, without plastic bags inside the trailer.

Please refrain from leaving cardboard boxes with packing material and garbage. Garbage cans are provided at the recycling center for your use. If you bring your recycling in a plastic bag please leave the empty plastic bag in the garbage can. The Recycling Guidelines are attached.

Exterior Lighting

If your entrance light or a common area light is out please contact the management office.

If you notice a street light out please call the office with the pole number and location

Winter Preparations

Furnaces should be cleaned and checked by a HVAC Contractor no less than every 2 years.

Change your furnace filter at least every 3 months.

Never turn off your furnace when you are going to be away.  Set it at 55 degrees or higher.

Townhome Owners should winterize the faucets in the garage.

  • Turns the water line to the garage off, then open the faucet to relieve the pressure and leave it open until spring.

Many of you have heat pump type heating systems.  If you leave the thermostat in “normal” position, you are using expensive and inefficient electricity to heat your home.  Switch to “emergency” which is the preferred gas burner in your furnace, and a lot more efficient.


If you hear water running for an extended period of time contact the Management office. Please see the attached “What to do if water is leaking”

Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact the management office.

Thank you.